Saturday, February 25, 2012

Only you know the truth

The American oil industry would have to pay a premium for labor, they would most certainly shut down one or more refineries that produce gasoline for American automobiles and given the saber rattling that is occurring in Iran and the demand in the European nations who were cut off by Iran would most certainly create more demand on gasoline for Europe and other parts of the world. So, what part of this does the President control? The oil companies were playing this game long before President Obama was born. By the way, I would rather suspect that the decision makers within the oil industry would rather see a Republican in the White House after this President held BP accountable for their negligence in the Gulf of Mexico, and to believe that they would not play dirty pool in an election cycle is naive at best. I would rather suspect that your objectivity in viewing the price hike is obscured by your political persuasion or some type of personal resentment for the man who sits in the White House. Only you know the truth as to what that is. However, I think most Americans are well aware that the "result" we are seeing has little to do with the President.
Oil...the "hootch" we call the life's blood of our entitled American the addiction for which we blame everyone but ourselves.
The sacrifices that the US citizenry will not make is par for the self-indulgent course. Just look at last night's Republican debate.
The fast-food and dismissive reality show mentality we've been opiated with have allowed us in our corpulent complacency to now be "shocked...shocked!" that we're being held hostage by our addiction.
The warnings have long been foretold often... to no avail.
The preemptive solutions have been proposed...with scarcely any implementation.
Our Middle-East "friends"...tyrants and upended oil "pushers" who are now on their way into oblivion or nuclear animosity...cannot be our go-to bagmen any longer.
Now, in a parallel narcolepsy, the deniers of science...climate warming and their obvious and horrific encroachments on our earth, want only to take the path of least resistance...drilling, using outmoded forms of energy and resist investment in technologies...Misplaced subsidies must be rerouted to those in the private business sector who are finding real answers long overdue.
The "center" is now open and ready for use...