Monday, April 29, 2013

Set aside $50 a month?

There are many people in the residential homes that I serve (volunteer free medical care) where my patients don't have the money to pay rent each month AND buy medications and food. They can't get "luxuries" such as Internet access much less a MacBook Pro to see such news stories. Instead the basic cable here has commercial after commercial of such "loans." That's why the basic cable is free. One woman gets a total of $735/per month of social security from her own account and her deceased husband's SS ALTOGETHER. Own a car? No way. Yet these residential homes are not built on mass transportation lines (buses, Metro, subway) and must depend on kindness of strangers or sometimes if VERY lucky a family member may visit once every month or so.

Most people have absolutely NO idea what day to day existence is like for the majority of our elderly or disabled. I have a 63 year old patient with cerebral palsy who does not have the money to even communicate with her caretakers much less other people. She is bound forever to a wheelchair and a caretaker...and inside is an intelligent woman. But only a Stephen Hawking has the money for assistive computer devices to even say "I'm hungry" much less give talks on black holes.

Gees People! Go out into the community and see what I do! We are warehousing our elderly and disabled and finding new ways to make money every day!