Saturday, June 30, 2012

Don't let facts stand in your way

What a terrible waste of money in a world where many Americans live below the poverty rate.
Why are our political elections dominated by advertisement rather than straightforward campaigning - why do we put stock in these stupid television adverts that demonize the opponent? Why don't Americans just focus on the issues? I want to be part of a populace that votes based on real information rather than propaganda. Makes me not want to vote at all - but I can't be that ignorant.
If we the people want to displace big money donors from politics, we the people will have to replace that money with our own.
If we the people want to save our democracy from the new brutality of the Citizen's United debacle, we the people must consistently participate in our politics and stop hiring politicians to do it for us.
If we the people want to rule ourselves, we the people must pay attention to what's going on and show up at the polls on E Day.
If we the people fail to do this, then they the economic dictators will, from their private salons, be our rulers.
I always find it disgusting that money plays such a big role in campaigns. The one with the richest friends wins. Does that make sense? And it seems to favor big business interests, too.
Let's elect people on the basis of platform and past history. And, while we're at it, let's make it a law that candidates have to write their own speeches.
My $40 donation to the democrats times 1 million other donations is around $40 million. No small number, yet peanuts compared to the Koch brothers $200 million.( I plan to give more over the summer) In the end, the three of us each have one vote. Yes, $200 million can influence more people, but, that is when our citizenship comes into play. Each of us has a responsibilty to read, investigate, and listen to all of the candidates in order to make an informed decision.
I take time every day to read the papers, look for information online, and watch "news" reports. Most poeple don't have that time available, I make the time. It is important in todays political and economic climate to be informed, to weed out the junk and choose a candidate who best suits your interests. Voting is a selfish proposition.
300 million+ people all want their own way. I have never voted for anyone because they spent more money on the campaign..

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